There is so much to do, and we are taking definitive steps to do it right. We are building the site, creating the blog, building our knowledge base, jumping through all the company hoops, and (fingers crossed) will have the first two products available in January.

We have been done with the Lightbringer’s Sigil for almost a year, and kicking around all the directions we want to take with this company. It is, first and foremost, a vessel for our work, and we want to use it to bring our writing to the world. All indications are that it’s good stuff, and we want to share it. We also want to use Anshadar, LLC to give a break to up-and-coming writers and artists. Unlike the publishers in New York, we don’t want an impenetrable wall between creators and a market. And unlike the unwashed masses found through Amazon, we are going to provide a certain level of editorial requirement that will keep out the people who are gaming the system just for page reads.

Anyway. We’ve got a company, a small bank account, and a bunch of talent and material just waiting to see the light of day. Soon…



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