Tomorrow is the official release date for The Lightbringer’s Sigil, and boy, are we excited! As it turns out, writing it was the easy part (well, I think so – it has gone through a bit of evolution as we rewrote, replaced, and refined). But between forming our company, planning products and releases, building sites and web presence, and (!) filing corporate taxes, it’s been pretty hectic.

Anyway, I’d like to raise my glass in a toast to everyone who has helped us along this path: my coauthor, Todd King, without whose masterful knowledge and imagination this book would not be what it is. To our partners Mike and Mickey, who helped us see there was more to the simple book that we wrote – there is a future ahead of Anshadar. To Jason Robinson, who helped me bring the visualization of the cover to life. To Brian (tigs) for editing and helping us see things we needed to change. To our families, who patiently listened as we threw spoilers their way, and sometimes gave rather brilliant ideas for what do with our characters. And to all of you who have patiently waited to hear the end of this ranting about THE BOOK.

Now we’ve made it. The Lightbringer’s Sigil is now at most of the outlets and is in preorder status. Apple, B&N, Amazon, and many others. It’s there. And as soon as I can put them on the site, there will be buttons on this site so you can order it directly.

But now comes the difficult part, and I’m going to ask a small favor. Buy the book. It’s $7.50, less than a meal at McDonalds, or a fancy cup of coffee. It would mean the world to us, and help us get this company off the ground. Those of you who know me, know that I am not keen on the KickStarter method. I don’t like taking money for an unfinished product. We put our time and money into this up front, so we didn’t have to hold out our hand and beg. It’s done, it’s ready.

And I’ll even make you a deal: send me the email address or link for someone who will review the book, and I’ll give you a copy for free. Whether it’s someone who reviews professionally, or someone who leads a literary group on Facebook, we want to get this story out, and we don’t have the resources of the New York publishing houses.

And in the meantime, read it, enjoy it, and as always, leave your feedback, either here or (even better) on the site where you bought it.


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