(mild spoilers)

Those of you who have read the book will notice that we use a lot of references to songs in The Lightbringer’s Sigil. Part of the reason is we are both fans of music, and often have something playing in the background while we write. But we also find that it resonates with the ongoing EarthZero story. And what better way to send a signal than piggybacked on a wave? After high school, I spent time learning about frequency modulation and how radio and television signals were sent. This directly ties in to the way the message was introduced to Earth (although the means was quite a bit more technical, the Song of the Sidhe was still riding the wave).

Music is a fundamental key (get it?) to the story we are telling, perhaps because we think in terms of the story as a movie running behind our eyes, and all good movies have great soundtracks. For example, when I think of the propagation of the Sigil surrounding Earth, I definitely hear Sirius/Eye in the Sky by the Alan Parson’s project as I imagine the scene in the back of my mind.

Well, last night I had the pleasure of seeing my favorite band, Dream Theater, in concert. And now, I’m pumped to write a couple of new sections in book two of the series, because of some of the songs they played. In any case, this is why we appended a 24 song soundtrack to the end of the The Lightbringer’s Sigil. Not that it is the extent of what we listened to, it’s not. In fact, expect the full soundtrack in a future post. We initially had nearly a hundred songs, but we trimmed it for space.