Greetings. We have been hard at work not only on Book II of The EarthZero Evolution: The Anshadar Effect, but also on the various and sundry minutiae associated with maintaining an online presence for Anshadar, LLC.

Curiously enough, it should be noted that it’s not so easy as it used to be, back in the first decade of the Internet. But shouldn’t it all be easier today, considering how very much the technology has improved? While it might indeed appear or seem to be that way, it’s certainly not, if only because today, there are so many more choices to make, more avenues to explore, and more aggravating red tape to deal with.

Being IT guys by trade, we probably brought a good portion of this relative pain upon ourselves by rolling this all up ourselves, instead of simply relying upon a third-party host provider to do the heavy lifting. Of course, we are using some third-party apps, regardless, because there’s no good reason to reinvent that particularly large wheel ourselves.

But the internal plumbing, various tweaks, and the 90%+ of the stuff behind the scenes that you, our reader, is not seeing… it’s significant. Thus, at this point in time, early in our own evolution as an entity, we are putting in the standard over-the-limit day job IT hours, then coming home and investing heavy hours not only in our writing but also in our IT presence. Labor of love, of course, but actualized through some serious investment of blood, sweat, and tears of laughter when we finally achieve one of our many milestones. So, a tip of the hat to Mike, Mickey, and Dave for working so hard, and for working so smart.


Well, okay, I’ll admit it: I’m the whiner, the complainer, and the paranoid one among us. I break stuff and complain and whine to Mike, Mickey, and Dave until they fix it. And if it doesn’t break, I jump up and down on it until it does break, then I lather, rinse, and repeat. And, of course, while everything is minor to most sane folk, being on the spectrum and then some, my various OCDs align and amplify the veritable molehill into a mountain. But they’re cool enough to humor me, and way smart enough to resolve the so-called issues, and assuage and otherwise mitigate my rather amusing yet highly impotent paranoia.

As for our writing and publishing endeavors, we are also actively seeking artists and reviewers. Please drop an email to Dave if you’d like to explore those particular realms. And, speaking bluntly, I’m pleasantly shocked by the quality of the art we’re already seeing. Great artists were relatively uncommon when I was coming up. Probably because it was hard to draw while running from cave bears. But today? Wow. It’s insane what this younger generation is creating. And I like it. So please keep achieving at that highest possible level.


Admittedly, Dave and I have invested a ton of time into this second book. Mainly because there’s an actual war occurring among the main factions of EarthZero — before the Vanth’Vash’Var even arrive! — and Dave and I, being inveterate gamers, have been carefully wargaming the scenarios. Powerful new immortals engaging in next-generation warfare, vying for primacy on EarthZero. The Lords of Glass rear their ugly, fanatical heads, and wage war against Dreamland, and the newly restored Atlanta. The expansion of many characters is a prominent hyperthread; Team EL comes out swinging and stomping, and we learn why they are destined to be Elemental Lords. A path of possible redemption is revealed for our poor former Pope, Petrus, who struggles against his past insanity. The rogue Watcher performs a secret quest, per Helel, that affects the entire cosmos, and perhaps even the metacosmos itself. And the firstborn Anshadar on EarthZero is revealed…

The One Above and Helel and the Celestial Shapers basically are playing a cosmic-level game of PVP. While, down below in the EarthZero Simulation, our heroes are doing the same, IVL (In Virtual Life), against the villains. While, at the metacosmic level above and beyond all worlds, the Dual-Aspect plays its own “Dragon’s Game” with everyone else, causing the Anshadar Effect to manifest in the simulated cosmos of EarthZero, threatening even the ZeroTime itself.

Holy Metacosmic Fractal Recursion!

We think you’ll have a blast when you read it and experience it for yourself.