This past couple of months has been grueling. We hope that all of you have weathered the real world pandemic, and are keeping safe and healthy. The good news is, we’ve finished the publication process for The Anshadar Effect, and it is now available at most e-mail distributors, such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and others. One cool thing we’ve learned over the past year is that it is carried by Overdrive, which means you can borrow it from your local library if they offer electronic downloads. And if our books are not yet available at your local library, simply request that they carry them and the library can (and usually does) purchase a copy directly through Overdrive!

Anyway, we are thrilled the second book is now out there, and we owe a lot of thank yous to those who contributed. I’d specifically like to thank my daughter Faith for the great cover art. We think she nailed it in one. Also thanks go out to our editor, Laura Lawrence for the job she did spotting for us. And of course thanks to all our fans who kept us pushing through with queries about when we’d be done.

Now on to the next book!


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