RE: The “SenZar: Resurrection” post (repeated below)…

We are in the process of wrapping up editing and cover art (from Faith Newton, and it’s looking fantastic!) for The Saga of the Seven Stars, and VoidSpawn! 

Linked via “The Metacosmic Instantiation” to the events, characters, and concepts featured in our “EarthZero Evolution” series, the “SenZar: Resurrection” series illustrates the fractally recursive nature of the Metacosmic Instantiation. The two branches don’t necessarily repeat, but they most assuredly rhyme. And from the top down, the Dual-Aspect of the Dragon and Chthon run the show…

Yes, there’s a common linking element among and between all of our current and future creations.

As we continue to work hard to deliver to you our best creations, we’ll keep you up to date via the blog here on this site and our FaceBook page:



Do you like fractal recursion like we do? Then you might appreciate this…

Dave and I have had an ongoing side-project regarding the heroes and events from the SenZar novels. We think we shall resurrect and expand upon them, integrating them — fractally — into our current EarthZero Evolution.

Back in the 1990s, Nova Eth Publishing, Inc., released two novels: The Saga of the Seven Stars, and VoidSpawn. Some of the concepts have, of course, bled through into EarthZero. Being world-builders ourselves, we have planned from Phase 0 to create a Metacosmic Instantiation, or a writing world of many linked universes, multiverses, and cosmoi. From high to low, and back again. As Above, So Below.

In addition to those original Nova Eth products, we’ve been cobbling a new iteration; a new series, in fact. We’re recursive along a nifty fractal groove. Might be five new novels. We’ll see.

NOTE: This is independent of the SenZar game world and its related products, and also independent of Dave’s many game worlds and their related products. At this time, we’re confined to the novel domain in the context of “SenZar”. Is that a hint? Possibly…



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