Anshadar is a partnership between Dave Newton, Todd King, Mike Steen, and Mickey Weddington – a group of writers, game designers, and hekateks who have numerous game, fiction, and online works to their credit. In 2017, Todd and Dave decided to coauthor a story about universal armageddon with a twist, and we had so much fun wth it, we decided to form our own publishing company.

The Book is called The Lightbringer’s Sigil, and it’s the first in a series in what we call the EarthZero Evolution. In it, we examine several tropes in the science fiction/fantasy/horror genres, and present our readers with an irreverent romp through a cosmic game simulation. It was released in 2019, and joined this year by the second book in the series, The Anshadar Effect.

Additionally, Anshadar will be publishing tabletop roleplaying games and game supplements, beginning with Quest! Roleplaying for Children. With Quest! we present an easy-to-learn system for teaching your young children how to learn roleplaying.

We plan to release a number of other works that have been languishing in our collective files, both fiction and game related. These are short stories, RPG modules, and how-to thoughts we’ve written and designed over the years for use with our own house games.


The Lightbringer’s Sigil

Book One of the EarthZero Evolution Series.
By Dave Newton and Todd King

The universe as we know it is a simulation. In fact, it’s one of thousands of simulations overseen by Helel, a Shaper in ZeroTime. Each of the previous simulations has failed – eradicated by the Death Horde, the destroyers of universes.

But of all the Shapers in ZeroTime, Helel has a plan to succeed in his 144,000th iteration. He is going to cheat by employing the Lightbringer’s Sigil and forcing humanity to evolve. The only problem is chaos, which may bring about Armageddon before the Horde even gets to Earth.



The Anshadar Effect

Book Two of the EarthZero Evolution Series.
By Dave Newton and Todd King

With the world recovering from the destruction caused by the Lightbringer’s Sigil, humanity reforms into clustered arcologies. The arrival of the Death Horde is on the horizon, and mankind must prepare for the ultimate enemy.

But their plans are interrupted by the ascension of a new EarthZero enemy: the dwellers in the City of Glass. Determined to wage war on the alliance of Dreamland, the Council of Glass is building an army to take Dreamland’s precious hekatek.

With the City of Glass preparing to march, will Dreamland have time to forge the weapons needed to fight the most puissant army in the universe?



Quest! – Roleplaying for Children

By Dave and Christi Newton

Children love roleplaying. But adult tabletop games are not designed with kids in mind. Quest! was built for kids between 4-10 years old, and helps them learn how to play while having fun and without resorting to violence against their opponents!

With a focus on fun, Quest! teaches young roleplayers the values of problem solving, cooperation, and the game mechanics of moving, counting, and rolling dice. This printable PDF game comes with both color and black and white versions, allowing your kids to customize the maps and characters, and even comes with printable counters for use with Shrinky-Dink™ paper!


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