Welcome to our section of Frequently Asked Questions. We are working hard to answer all your questions, and the best way to ask is by filling out the contact form or sending us an e-mail.

What are you selling, anyway?

Right now, we are promoting our first book in the Anshadar Series – The Lightbringer’s Sigil, and the game Quest! Roleplaying for Kids. We have plans to release more new fiction and games in the near future, as well as re-releasing prior unpublished projects.

Where can I buy your books and games?

Currently, we are working with online publishers in order to bring you our work in electronic format. Some of our e-books and games may be purchased through Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google Play, Lulu, and Amazon.

Do you sell in traditional printed format?

Not at the moment, although print on demand is a possibility.

What’s that weird symbol in your logo?

It’s a modified form of the symbol for Heka – which is the Egyptian word for magick. Heka ties into many of the works we’ve created, and we’ve added the image of a book, since we are publishers, as well as a cartouche bearing the company name.