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Called “Todd King” on your planet, Void has served as a contractor for various federal agencies, including DoD, MDA, and NASA. Already on the spectrum, an injury catalyzed Acquired Savant Syndrome (with the most amusing acronym of “ASS”), granting him several interesting new abilities. Now, as a mega savant, he is both a hyperpolymath and hyperpolyglot. He has created over 400 intellectual properties in several dozen disparate realms, including Chaotic Systems, Cosmology, Cryptography, Logistics, and Nanotechnology.

Previously, he mutated from lead guitarist to vocalist, playing in several bands in the southern heavy metal scene, opening for acts as diverse as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pantera while in Zaemon Blaiz. In league with his allies at Nova Eth Publishing, Inc., he created the SenZar role-playing game, which sold in 14 countries, and has virally influenced certain Void-based themes in both the tabletop and computer genres, and even in the world of comics.

Currently, Void has joined forces with his former NASA peer, Dave Newton, to create the new world of EarthZero, wherein they and others will explore the boundaries of magick, technomagick, hekatek, and Simulation Theory.


Zaemon Blaiz

In 1989, three members of Zaemon Blaiz merged their Baton Rouge musical nucleus with two members of other popular metal bands from New Orleans, creating a new hybrid evolution of Zaemon Blaiz. The enjoyed a bright, meteoric arc of success, opening for major music acts such as: Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Zebra, Lilian Axe, and EZO.

Fortunately, a recently discovered bootleg videocassette tape recording of their first gig with their new lineup was discovered. Taken at The Quarry in Baton Rouge, LA, in 1989, the bootleg, though of inferior audio recording quality, captures the unique vitality of the band.

In it, Void demonstrates his 8+ octave voice with his soul-shattering Void screams. For those who must know: It’s a form of Tuvan singing, with a primary note accompanied by another higher, whistle-register note, distinctly interwoven via sinusoidal oscillation. Some of the more notable ones occur in: “Creeping Death”, “Lightning Strikes Again”, “Eulogy” (sub-piano low note), “Rock and Roll”, and “Runnin’ Wild”.

Zaemon Blaiz is: Void “Todd King”: Vox ; Brent Kelly: Guitar/BVox ; Asghar Naqvi: Drums/BVox ; Rick Naqvi: Guitar/BVox; John Cannatella: Bass/BVox.

A brief note for those who might be subject to stereotypes: Brent and Asghar are both triple-boarded research physicians, Rick is Vice President of Sales at PreSonus, and John owns the Coffee Call chain in Baton Rouge.



SenZar was the source book produced by Nova Eth Publishing, Inc., in 1994. “Role-Playing in God Mode” is the main theme, with characters being capable of achieving immortality upon reaching 20th level, with immortals being capable of reaching 100th level. Features dozens of unique Races, Professions, and Freaks, as well as hundreds of spells and martial arts powers. Unique karma-based character generation system enables players to highly customize their characters, purchase unique powers, and raise attributes. Unique Fate Point system allows heroes to max out saves, die rolls, and even contribute to raising personal attributes. SenZar is a 256 page trade paperback.


Campaign Builder #1: Creeping Death 

A compendium of the many creatures, monsters, and arch-villains in the SenZar game world. Published in 1996. Features all entities necessary to fill out one’s gaming world, and even to stack high level raids with unique, challenging villains. Contains complete listings of demons from the Pit, dragons, and even the dread Shadar Lords. It is a 128 page trade paperback.


Campaign Builder #2: Womb of Darkness, Heart of Light 

Adds multiple new character classes, schools of magick, and a treasure trove of unique world-building artifacts to the SenZar game world. Published in 1996. Features the Mutant Rules, for generating mutant characters. Also features the Nine Power Foci of the Dragon, the ultimate artifacts. It is a 128 page PDF.


Campaign Builder #3: World of SenZar 

Adds detailed cities and continents to the SenZar game world. Published in 1998. Features detailed descriptions of the major cities and hot spots on the World of SenZar, including lists of city defenders, unique buildings, and world-shattering events. Establishes a viable world-wide political framework with unique and interesting NPCs which may be incorporated into any campaign. It is a 104 page PDF.


Saga of the Seven Stars 

A SenZar game world novel featuring the origin of The Seven Stars, SenZar’s most infamous supergroup. Another iteration of The Dragon’s Game forces Tatternorn VoidSpawn, Mad Sam Sprunge, Rhiannazaar, Silverdancer, Tal’N Hawkwind, Guthal Dirge, and Sigil Talisman to join forces to thwart the devices of Lord Valthrustra and his mad gambit to usurp the power of the dual-aspect itself: Chthon and The Dragon. Their souls newly incarnated on Earth, the Stars must actualize their former SenZar powers and become Anshadar immortals in order to stop Lord Valthrustra. Published in 1998. PDF.



A SenZar game world novel featuring the origin of Tatternorn VoidSpawn, and his adventures with Mad Sam Sprunge and Rhiannazaar, prior to their formation of The Seven Stars. The Pact of the Impossible Blade exacts a horrifying price from the young orphan Tatternorn, causing him to share souls with the Shadar Lord, Skurge, and wield the soul-snuffing Impossible Blade, as he is forced into an incarnation of the VoidSpawn, the Godslayer, the only grey piece on the cosmic board of the Dragon’s Game. Published in 1998. PDF.