One of the things about this pandemic that’s maddening is that even though I’m staying home and avoiding the plague like… well, the plague, it doesn’t necessarily make me more productive. There are still things to be done for work, family, around the house, etc. As much as I’d like to write more, it’s not that easy. The stress from such a massive change to everyone’s life is telling. I know what I want to write, and I’ve been rolling around ideas for the third book. But it’s a weird kind of writer’s block. I know the what and where of the new material, I just don’t have the motivation. But when that dam breaks, I can tell there will be a ton of stuff coming.

In the meantime, there have been little changes. Like more gaming with online friends. More binge-watching. More life. I apologize for those of you waiting for book 3. It’s coming. And it’s going to be great. You see Todd and I, though we’ve been working on ideas for selling our first couple of books (because money is actually a motivator), we’ve also been working out new ideas to add to the story.

So hang in there. It’s coming.