EarthZero Evolution – Book One

When the Cosmic Shaper Helel grows tired of failing to complete his simulation after hundreds of thousands of attempts, he decides the only way to succeed past the end state caused by the Death Horde is to cheat. By twisting reality and introducing unique and powerful avatars (and forcing the premature evolution of humanity), Helel introduces chaos into the simulation, risking a true Armageddon in an attempt to prepare humanity for the coming alien invasion.

As the Lightbringer’s Sigil is triggered, all living creatures of Earth gain a third helix in their DNA, allowing them to evolve into something more. But this evolution comes with its own set of risks.

Release Date: March 13, 2019. Now available at all major e-book sellers. The link below will point you to all of the online distributors who currently carry it.

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As a bonus for our readers, we’ve included a free download of an expanded glossary in PDF format: The Earth Zero Evolution Book I – The Lightbringer’s Sigil Glossary

The Lightbringer’s Sigil – Glossary