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About The Lightbringer’s Sigil

Imagine the universe you live in, every person, every thing, every thought, was a simulation. One that is orchestrated by a mysterious, unknowable being – the One Above. Someone who has others to oversee his vast array of creations, searching for one simulation that will survive the final end-state that annihilates every one without fail. Now imagine that your universe…

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Write, Edit, Repeat

We are working on a rewrite for the Lightbringer’s Sigil, It’s nothing major, but something called for after reading our editor’s notes. As this is our first writing project together, we worked hard to get the story right, but little things fall through the cracks. And as I mentioned earlier, we’d rather have the book the best it can be….

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Quest! is available NOW

Working out the online sales and distribution for Quest! Roleplaying for Children, and there are links on this site and Facebook. There may be some glitches, but if so, they should be easily fixed – Just send an email if you have prolems, and I’ll be watching the mail this weekend.

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