So, the holidays were a thing. This year has flown by. There were the typical things like vacations and barbecues, illnesses and celebrations, parties, birthdays, graduations and a wedding (!) – and amidst all that we had work and bills and groceries and all the stuff normal people have that keep their lives full. Somehow, we also managed to write about 300 pages of story for The Anshadar Effect. We are SO close. We’ve transitioned from one editor to another (because tigz, our editor for The Lightbringer’s Sigil had a life too, plus he’s working on a new job and his own book – best of luck, my friend).

So we now have Shen reading through the first draft, even as we put the wraps on it. I’m sure she is going to contribute greatly, and we are excited to have her. Once we get that done, it goes out to our test readers for comment. We’ve got a new artist for the cover, and we are really excited to give Faith her first paying gig.

I imagine we will have book two of the EarthZero Evolution done about the same time of year as The Lightbringer’s Sigil was – March.

But that’s not all. Once we figure out how to get Patreon running, there will be short stories, excerpts, and probably artwork and gaming stuff.

Wish us luck. It may seem we are plodding, but we’ve really got a lot done. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of it soon!