In our EarthZero Evolution series, we commonly refer to an entity called the “Dual-Aspect”.  According to our spin, this is embodied by two beings, Chthon, the Dark Earth Mother, and the Dragon. While they are opposite and opposing forces — Void/Source, Yin/Yang, Evil/Good, Dark/Light, Death/Life, etc. — they unite at the highest level to form the Dual-Aspect itself.

First, Dualism on Earth (Terra) is expressed in multiple belief systems, typically embodied by two beings who are antithetical to one another. It goes back, implicitly, to ancient Egypt and Sumeria, many millennia before our own age, and manifests even today in the belief systems of many religions. Classically, Dualism describes some manifest relationship of deities, beings, or concepts set within a Dual-Aspect framework. As an example, a being representing “good” might exist on one pole of the relationship, while another being representing “evil” might exist on the other, implying a unique balance within the system. And also, one might reason, a form of shared identity.

In our EarthZero Evolution setting, we advance and extend the standard Terran implementations by giving our Dual-Aspect multiple tiers of existence. As an example, all worlds in our metacosmos may manifest the Dual-Aspect, if life and souls exist there; i.e., a “living world”, as opposed to, say, a sterile world that is barren and lifeless, even down to the level of the Archaea. In this simple manifestation, the Dual-Aspect is parochial, and native to its own particular world. It doesn’t exist or manifest on another planet, or in another galaxy; it is effectively bound to its own world. As such, it is a local set, or entity, that is itself a superset of the life and souls of its own specific world.

Of course the Dual-Aspect itself must and does extend and scale. We have defined it already as a set, nesting its own superset within itself. However, the Dual-Aspect scales to the cosmic level, becoming its own new superset of all other Dual-Aspects within its own set identity. So, while a local planetary Dual-Aspect manifestation might indeed be super powerful, practically a god to those within its own superset collection, a cosmic version of a Dual-Aspect would perforce be many orders of magnitude more powerful than its smaller subset components.

The godlike beings of the ZeroTime who shape their own personal realities in order to challenge the One Above consider themselves to be far beyond these two versions of the Dual-Aspect. As well they should, because, by their own actions, they are the godlike bosses of their own simulated cosmos. They see minor (to their own perspective of power) versions of the Dual-Aspect come and go frequently, almost always existing at the minimal level of the simulated Earth itself, then perpetually being forced into dissolution and recycling after the One Above’s Death Horde wins the simulation. They therefore are both quite aware of its existence, as it permeates their many simulations, and quite above any power that it may manifest to dare contest them.

However, Helel, the Shining One, the Lightbringer himself, changes all of this by virtue of his introduction of illegal Cosmic Archetype Templates into his final simulation. The ensuing chaos that blooms due to his arrogant actions forces yet another tier or iteration of the Dual-Aspect to notice the event. Unfortunately, from Helel’s perspective, this version of the Dual-Aspect is beyond even his own ZeroTime, implying that even the godlike beings of the ZeroTime are subject to being a subset within an even higher tier of existence. Something beyond their own version of “metacosmic”, which they themselves think to be their own personal, inviolable, nonpareil domain.

There is sometimes another iteration of “As Above, So Below”. Similar to reality itself being “Turtles, all the way down”. Recursive, fractal, self-similar and self-affine set/superset identities abound in our EarthZero Evolution world.

Helel’s own meddling with forces best left alone triggers chaos, and forces the Dual-Aspect beyond his own level of reality to take notice of the utter blasphemy of the godlike beings of the ZeroTime. The Dual-Aspect frowns upon their ceaseless genocide of its own subset Dual-Aspects, and judges them accordingly.

If there’s a life lesson to be gained here, perhaps it’s something along the lines of, “Don’t make your simulations too real.” Another might suggest that even cosmic, godlike, genocidal bullies shall someday meet their match, and pay for their inhuman crimes.




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