Welcome to the EarthZero Evolution…

Dave and I are two former NASA guys who love writing, great music, gaming, comics, metaphysics, and breakthrough, bleeding-edge science.

We joined forces, our mission being to create some excellent content both to entertain and illuminate. While we’re not explicitly stating that we’re attempting to recruit you into the Illuminati, we are implying that, should you accept your mission to check out our creative content, you might just open your Ajna chakra and see your own existence in a new light.

Drawing upon our own vast reserves of gaming resources, we harvested fantasy role-playing concepts of ours, dating back to the 1990s and earlier, and established some baselines for our new metacosmos. With our basic fantasy and metaphysics covered, we then added in a liberal dose of the things that we really dig, including a healthy heaping of Simulation Theory to drive it, then served it all up, primed for a multi-course Feast of Fun.

The EarthZero Evolution is our first series of Sci-Fantasy, a hybrid of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The content doesn’t fit neatly into the conventional boxes of “either/or”. Why should it? Polarization is an insane limitation, especially when one has a metacosmic tale to tell. So, taking the words of a certain Bruce Lee to heart, we decided to accept no way as way, and no limitation as limitation. And we created our own new genre: Sci-Fantasy. And that, combined with the unique settings of our series, actually could extend to Metacosmic Sci-Fantasy. Another potential neologism. Stay tuned, because you’ll be encountering more of them in our series.

That term, “metacosmic”? It’s in reference to the primary thematic foundation for the EarthZero Evolution series: Metacosmic Simulation Theory. EarthZero is just another in a nearly infinite series of simulations managed and shaped by cosmic beings, the Celestial Shapers, or Children of the Light, who serve the despotic One Above, in the ZeroTime. More than a billion Shapers manage their own cosmos, or universe, in a single instance called the Ontopoietic Cosmogenesis Simulation. Their goal is to reach an end state in their simulation in which their cosmos can defeat the creations of the One Above: the Death Horde, or Vanth’Vash’Var, the Sentinels of the Anti-Life, the Lords of the Void. Yet, after trillions of instances, no Shaper has yet defeated the One Above, and trillions of universes have paid the ultimate price of total dissolution for their failure.

No problem, right? They’re just simulations. Not real at all. So it’s merely virtual genocide.

Wrong. There is a fragile inflection point at which a simulation becomes its own viable reality. At the level of power of the beings in the ZeroTime, that inflection point occurs almost as soon as a new Metacosmic Instantiation is spun up by a Shaper, its last session, its last cosmos, snuffed out due to the Shaper’s inability to resolve the issue of defeating the One Above’s totally overpowered (OP) creations. Thus, the most unimaginable horror possible actually occurs: Metacosmic Genocide. Trillions of universes have therefore been snuffed out by the One Above.

“The Lightbringer’s Sigil”, the first book of our EarthZero Evolution series, begins with the concept of Metacosmic Genocide. Wow. How auspicious is that? We’re going to start our series with total cosmic death, writ large, trillions of times. So it has to get better from there, right?

One certainly hopes. Well, one constant among gods is that there’s always a rebel, right? A good deus ex machina to come down, ex machina, at the start of the tale, rather than at its end?

Enter: Helel, the Shining One, unable to defeat the Death Horde, chooses to rebel against the One Above. What does he do? He cheats, of course. Defying the will of the One Above, Helel implements forbidden Cosmic Archetypal Templates in his 144,000th Celestial Shaping, introducing an entity to force immortal evolution on the souls of Earth: The Lightbringer’s Sigil. Its projected morphic resonance will elevate the souls of a very select few on Earth to immortal status, their DNA morphing into a new triple helix configuration as they transcend the seven chakras of mortal beings. All living things must adapt to this new configuration, or die. Now, Earth has truly transformed into EarthZero.

However, Helel’s illegal actions unintentionally introduce chaos into the simulation, causing the Dual-Aspect itself, Chthon/The Dragon, the superset of All That All Which Is, All That All Which Binds, to take notice of his simulated cosmos and the place of its origin, the ZeroTime. In so doing, the cosmic judgement of the Dual-Aspect falls upon the blasphemy of Helel, the One Above, and all of the ZeroTime.

Just as there are worlds beyond worlds, and powers beyond powers, there also are games beyond games. And the game played by the Dual-Aspect is the mysterious “Dragon’s Game”, which introduces its own Cosmic Archetypes, including the god-slaying VoidSpawn and his equally powerful companions, into Helel’s simulation. What this new game, with its own set of rules, means to the fates of both EarthZero and the ZeroTime remains beyond the grasp of gods and newborn immortals alike to discern. For now.

Despite the best intentions of cosmos-shaping gods and metacosmic dual-aspects, however, the free will of the simulated ones always remains in play. And they might just decide to ignore everyone else’s game and instead play their own.

We hope you check out “The Lightbringer’s Sigil”. We enjoyed creating it for you.




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